Supporting Ghana's Midwives

Strengthening Maternal and Child Health in Rural Ghana

The Problem

For new and expectant mothers in rural Ghana, safe and supportive medical care can be extremely difficult to find.

While in the capital city of Accra, 82% of women of reproductive age have access to emergency care during and after their pregnancy, in rural regions only one woman out of ten can say the same. For these women, skilled midwives play a vital role.

                                         URBAN                                     vs.                                   RURAL

In rural Ghana, access to a skilled midwife means access to a safe and healthy pregnancy. Where government hospitals and large clinics are not available, the only medical lifeline for millions of pregnant women is the independent maternity home, often staffed with one qualified midwife.

However, midwives in rural regions often lack access to the latest updates on clinical practices that urban midwives enjoy. These types of updates are critical for providing the best possible quality of care. Lack of access to this information puts rural maternity homes - and the local women and children for whom they care - at an even further disadvantage.

Our Response

That is where the Ghana Registered Midwives Association (GRMA) comes in. GRMA is the main supportive body for Ghana’s independent midwives, and is best positioned to provide regular support and training. Through the practice of conducting “peer support visits,” GRMA helps rural midwives to identify challenges and solutions, and provides updates on the latest clinical practices.

But like the midwives themselves, GRMA suffers from inadequate resources. Occasional funding from foundations or other donors has enabled GRMA to offer peer support visits to rural midwives from time to time, but occasional and inconsistent visits are simply not enough.

How You Can Help

This campaign aims to help Ghanaian midwives serving in these underserved regions, and through them, to help rural Ghanaian women and children. Your donation will enable GRMA to provide peer support visits to rural midwives, which will improve the quality of care these midwives provide to every mother and child that comes through their doors. Together, we can support independent midwives in Ghana to make pregnancy, childbirth, and early childhood safe for the women and families of these communities.



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